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If you prefer hiking to skiing then you can’t go wrong with a summer vacation in Courchevel in the French Alps. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy during the summer season and the prices are affordable, with fewer tourists, not to mention the beautiful wild flowers that bloom at this time of year…

Situated on the edge of the Vanois National Park in Les Trois Valles, Courchevel includes six villages from Courchevel highest in 1850, Courchevel Morionade, Courchevel Village, Courchevel La Tania, Courchevel Le Praz and Saint-Bon.

Top things to do in Courchevel

via Cavo del Mayu

With an elevation gain of 2,700 meters by 2,700 meters, the new Vertigo Hike is not for the faint-hearted, which opened in June 2022. Reserved for adventurers and thrill-seekers thanks to its panoramic drop and breathtaking views. Depart from the Belvedere at Courchevel Morionade where you will walk for about three and a half hours through the Valley of the Avales, before reaching Vanois National Park. Here you come to Brche de la Portetta. Pass the impressive towers of the Portetta, before arriving at the start of the tour to Aiguille de May (2,845 meters high). From the narrow stairs that hang over the cliffs, you’ll have to take the railing along the Aiguille de May, and continue the climb for an hour-long adventure. Offering spectacular panoramas of Aiguille de Mey, Vanoise Ice Cap, Grande Casse and Aiguille du Fruit.

Sentier du Croix de l’Ors

Take the Sentier du Creux de l’Ors Trail for a More Family-Friendly Hike, A ‘family’ alternative to the long loop of the Vallee des Avals. This new trail with its wooded, rocky and pastoral terrain begins at Lac de la Rosier and leads pedestrians to the Cascade des Poux, which along the way is dotted with signs pointing to the names of beautiful wild flowers. There are. The path continues to Biole, before taking the crux de l’Ors to return to the Belvedere plateau, as well as taking in views of the Dante du Villard from the Praslin meadow.

Aquamotion Aquatic Center

For a relaxing option, visit Aquamotion, the largest European aquatic center, which is 15,000 square meters in the heart of the Alps. The impressive exterior resembles a spaceship made of glass and wood and a huge sloping roof in the form of a wave.

lac du prazi

Popular for their accessibility are Lac du Praz and Lac de la Rozier, which are must-sees in summer. Lac du Praz is located in the center of the village of the same name, where you can swim and fish. The lake at Le Praz is close to the finishing line for the Alpine World Ski Championships at L’Alpinimum, where the L’Eclipse slope ends.

lac de la rosiere

This beautiful lake has aqua blue clear water. Courchevel is located in the foothills of the Avalles Valley in Morionde and is the starting point for many climbers, including a botanical route. There are dozens of picnic tables and barbecues around the site, as well as a boardwalk around the lake and a footbridge in the middle.

via ferrata circuit

Located on the cliffs in front of the Lac de la Rosier, the Via Ferrata is an accessible climbing circuit approximately 600 meters long, consisting of a low traverse, a monkey bridge crossing and a climb into the woods using ropes. The route allows beginners and kids to take in the mountain views as well as the Cascade des Poux and is divided into two sections: on the left side of the lake, before continuing across a rope bridge along a cliff. There is a road in front. There is a long footbridge on the right before the footbridge across the lake reaches the ‘Taphons Bridge’. The circuit ends on a bucolic flat cliff at the edge of a pine forest, with a short path leading to the lake.

Courchevel Ice Skating Rink

If you’re missing the cold weather and ice, come to the Courchevel Ice Skating Rink. It was created in 1986 (for the 1992 Olympic Games), and is home to the HCCMP (hockey club Courchevel Méribel Pralogne), which is in the third division in France.

Pralong Farm

Courchevel is one of the largest Beaufort cheese-producing regions in Savoie (recognized as a protected designation of origin since 1968). During the summer you can see animals, pigs, rabbits, chickens, goats and sheep at Pralong Farm, Courchevel 1850 and Praslin (Courchevel Morionade). The farm hosts an ‘Instant Beaufort’, two dates in the summer to experience a day to meet the alpine farmer and participate in cheese-making after lunch in the mountains. Free guided tours take place once a week.

Mountain biking

To make all that cheese work, take to the slopes on a mountain bike VTT (Vehicle Tout-Terrain) or an electric-assisted bike VTT AE (Assistance Electric). For an adventurous pursuit explore the red trail of La Vallée Sauvage des Avals, which weaves through the heart of alpine pastures before crossing the secret valley of Les Avales (departure Courchevel Morionade, 23km, 940m elevation gain). Or try the Les Hermeaux Bleu Trail, which takes cyclists to about 20 small villages and hamlets, starting in Bozell. The route passes through Le Fe, and La Perriere (21.8 km, 790 m peak). There’s also L’Intégral, the region’s longest mountain bike descent, which starts at 2,738m at La Soulire and runs with a 1,430m drop with 13km of black ski run.

La Tania Ski Lift

In summer a free ski lift is available from Courchevel La Tania. Gondola lifts take passengers to Buc Blanc, the starting point with a choice of two hikes; For the initials Verse Courchevel 1850, which leads to Courchevel 1850 and the Sentier décoverte du Grand Bois, which crosses the forest and returns to the center of La Tania.

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By Jenny Eagle, a journalist living in Montpellier, southern France.

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