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2022 British Superbike Championship
Round Nine – Oulton Park

Images Dave Yeomans

British Superbike Race One

Bradley Ray continued his quest for a debut Bennetts British Superbike Championship title by claiming the opening race win of the Showdown in a dramatic eBay Sprint Race, as both McAMS Yamaha riders crashed out of contention, shaking up the title fight.

2022 British Superbike Championship – Round Nine – Oulton Park

Jason O’Halloran had grabbed the lead at the start of the race from Tommy Bridewell, and Ray as the trio got the best launch from the front row.

2022 British Superbike Championship – Round Nine – Oulton Park

Bridewell grasped the lead with a move down the inside at Shell Oils corner to move to the front of the pack, but Ray was on the attack. The Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha rider made a move on O’Halloran at Druids, and then launched to the lead on the brakes at Lodge.

2022 British Superbike Championship – Round Nine – Oulton Park

Ray then was holding off the pack before making a break in the closing stages to claim his eighth win of the season, but Bridewell was able to return to the podium in second place and that saw him surge from eighth to fifth in the overall standings.

It was drama for McAMS Yamaha; reigning champion Tarran Mackenzie crashed out at Shell Oils corner on lap 12. His DNF now moves Glenn Irwin to within two points of the defending champion ahead of tomorrow’s two races.

On the final lap, there was contact between O’Halloran and Peter Hickman as the FHO Racing BMW rider made a move at Druids. 

The contact resulted in O’Halloran crashing out of the race, which then promoted Leon Haslam into a podium finish for the VisionTrack Kawasaki team.

Hickman crossed the line in fourth place, but was disqualified from the result for the incident with O’Halloran. That promoted Irwin up to fourth place for Honda Racing UK, ahead of Danny Buchan on the SYNETIQ BMW.

Officials not only disqualified Hickman from the race, but also gave him a three-position grid penalty for race two and recorded two penalty points against his licence.

Lee Jackson battled his way back through the pack to finish sixth on the Cheshire Mouldings FS-3 Kawasaki, with Christian Iddon in seventh for Buildbase Suzuki.

Title Fighters Rory Skinner and Kyle Ryde featured in eighth and ninth respectively with Josh Brookes promoted to tenth place ahead of tomorrow’s two Showdown races.

Josh Brookes

Qualifying went well but the lap times we were doing were wearing out the tyre after six laps, so we softened the suspension and power for the race in order to extend the tyre life in the 14-lap race. The consequence was that we lost quite a bit of pace and it might have been better to leave the set-up as it was, lap at a strong pace in the first six laps and then hang on as best we could in the second half. The conservative option we took didn’t work out but we’re trying to adapt all the time and maybe focusing on our speed is the way forward tomorrow. They’re longer races so we’re going to have a good think overnight about what our best strategy should be.”

Josh Brookes ahead of team-mate Tom Sykes
Jason O’Halloran – DNF

I’m disappointed, we’ve worked all year for this and someone that’s not even in it has just absolutely cleaned me out. I didn’t see him, I didn’t hear him I just got hit really hard into Druids. Physically I’m alright, the bike is bent in half so the boys have got a big job on tonight. I’m gutted, I was lining Tommy up for a pass into the last turn, it should have been 20 points for us and now we are a pretty big chunk behind. I’ve worked my balls off all year for this and I’ve been taken out just like that. I felt like I was riding really well, we did a couple of 1’33s in the race which I was really happy about and I had the pace to match Tommy, Brad had a bit more but I definitely had enough for second so I’m sure we’ll be in the fight tomorrow.

Tarran Mackenzie – DNF

I got a really good start but got boxed in at turn one so I had to pick people off. I came through right to Leon and was in fifth place and was chipping away, making in roads on the guys in front. I was pushing hard and just as I got really good drive out of Island so went into Shell that little bit faster and it was just too fast, I commit a lot into Shell as we can on the Yamaha given the camber but just as I turned in the front locked and I went down. It’s unfortunate as I felt I had good pace and if I had had a better first lap I think I could have been with the podium battle. For me, I didn’t really know where my pace was at so I now have good confidence for tomorrow, starting on the second row if we can go with the guys at the front we can claw some points back.”

2022 BSB Round Nine Oulton Park Race One Results
1. Bradley Ray (Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha)
2. Tommy Bridewell (Oxford Products Racing Ducati) +2.765s
3. Leon Haslam (VisionTrack Kawasaki) +3.438s

British Superbike Race One Results

Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Bradley RAY Yamaha  22m07.589
2 Tommy BRIDEWELL Ducati +2.765
3 Leon HASLAM Kawasaki +3.438
4 Glenn IRWIN Honda +4.022
5 Danny BUCHAN BMW +5.508
6 Lee JACKSON Kawasaki +7.537
7 Christian IDDON Suzuki +8.015
8 Rory SKINNER Kawasaki +8.533
9 Kyle RYDE Yamaha +12.699
10 Josh BROOKES Ducati +14.967
11 Tom SYKES Ducati +15.629
12 Danny KENT Suzuki +23.594
13 Tom NEAVE Honda +23.623
14 Dean HARRISON Kawasaki +25.237
15 Chrissy ROUSE BMW +25.529
16 Takumi TAKAHASHI Honda +25.927
17 Josh OWENS Kawasaki +28.173
18 Ryo MIZUNO Honda +38.681
19 Liam DELVES Kawasaki +1m06.981
Not Classified
DNF Jason O’HALLORAN Yamaha 1 Lap
DNF Tarran MACKENZIE Yamaha 3 Laps
DNF Andrew IRWIN BMW 3 Laps
DNF Leon JEACOCK Suzuki 7 Laps
DNF Storm STACEY Kawasaki 12 Laps

BSB Qualifying

Bradley Ray set the fastest ever lap of Oulton Park by 0.672s to claim pole position on his Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha.  Ray set his sensational flying lap towards the beginning of Q2 and then his rivals were pushing to close the deficit.

Bradley Ray on pole

Tommy Bridewell was the closest as the Oxford Products Racing Ducati rider posted the second fastest time of the session, 0.796s adrift of Ray ahead of him.

Jason O’Halloran had a last lap flier that put him up the order into third to complete the front row for McAMS Yamaha, with Peter Hickman on the FHO Racing BMW splitting the teammates to head the second row.

Tarran Mackenzie had a surge into fifth in the closing stages of Q2, just ahead of Leon Haslam who completes the second row of the grid for the eBay Sprint Race.

Andrew Irwin was seventh quickest just 0.007s ahead of his  SYNETIQ BMW team-mate Danny Buchan with Title Fighters Glenn Irwin and Rory Skinner completing the top ten.

Lee Jackson and Kyle Ryde completed row four of the grid ahead of Saturday afternoon’s opening race of the Showdown while Josh Brookes headed row five. 

British Superbike Race Combined Qualifying

Pos Rider Bike Q1 Q2
1 Bradley RAY Yamaha  1m32.948
2 Tommy BRIDEWELL Ducati 1m33.744
3 Jason O’HALLORAN Yamaha 1m33.867
4 Peter HICKMAN BMW 1m34.002
5 Tarran MACKENZIE Yamaha 1m34.003
6 Leon HASLAM Kawasaki 1m34.011
7 Andrew IRWIN BMW 1m34.528 1m34.059
8 Danny BUCHAN BMW 1m34.066
9 Glenn IRWIN Honda 1m34.084
10 Rory SKINNER Kawasaki 1m34.126
11 Lee JACKSON Kawasaki 1m34.395 1m34.167
12 Kyle RYDE Yamaha 1m34.171
13 Josh BROOKES Ducati 1m34.291 1m34.175
14 Ryan VICKERS BMW 1m34.540 1m34.214
15 Christian IDDON Suzukii 1m34.225
16 Tom SYKES Ducati 1m34.304
17 Dean HARRISON Kawasaki 1m34.750 1m34.755
18 Takumi TAKAHASHI Honda 1m34.955 1m34.809
19 Danny KENT Suzuki 1m35.061
20 Tom NEAVE Honda 1m35.130
21 Josh OWENS Kawasaki 1m35.241
22 Storm STACEY Kawasaki 1m35.381
23 Ryo MIZUNO Honda 1m35.629
24 Chrissy ROUSE BMW 1m35.670
25 Leon JEACOCK Suzuki 1m36.188
26 Liam DELVES Kawasaki 1m37.462

British Superbike Championship Points

Pos Rider Points
1 Bradley RAY (Yamaha) 1086
2 Jason O’HALLORAN (Yamaha) 1048
3 Tarran MACKENZIE (Yamaha) 1031
4 Glenn IRWIN (Honda) 1029
5 Tommy BRIDEWELL (Ducati) 1028
6 Lee JACKSON (Kawasaki) 1024
7 Kyle RYDE (Yamaha) 1020
8 Rory SKINNER (Kawasaki) 1017
9 Danny BUCHAN (BMW) 184
10 Peter HICKMAN (BMW) 183
11 Leon HASLAM (Kawasaki) 180
12 Christian IDDON (Suzuki) 119
13 Josh BROOKES (Ducati) 117
14 Andrew IRWIN (BMW) 101
15 Tom SYKES (Ducati) 101
16 Ryan VICKERS (BMW) 36
17 Danny KENT (Suzuki) 32
18 Tom NEAVE (Honda) 30
19 Storm STACEY (Kawasaki) 22
20 Chrissy ROUSE (BMW) 18
21 Ryo MIZUNO (Honda) 16
22 Takumi TAKAHASHI (Honda) 15
24 Dan LINFOOT (BMW) 7
23 Josh OWENS (Kawasaki) 3
25 Dean HARRISON (Kawasaki) 3

British Superstock Race One

Davey Todd boosted his championship lead as he beat Charlie Nesbitt to the opening win by 0.187.

Davey Todd leading

Polesitter Alex Olsen crossed the line third on his FHO Racing with Kobelco BMW after losing two places on the last lap as Billy McConnell took fourth and Tom Ward fifth.

Next home was Dan Linfoot in sixth by a couple of bike lengths over Brayden Elliott who crossed the line in seventh.

2022 BSB STK1000 Oulton Park Race One Results
1. Davey Todd (Milenco by Padgetts Motorcycles)
2. Charlie Nesbitt (VisionTrack Suzuki) +0.187s
3. Alex Olsen (FHO Racing with Kobelco) 0.448s

British Superstock One Race Results

Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Davey TODD Honda 17m53.096
2 Charlie NESBITT Suzuki +0.187
3 Alex OLSEN BMW +0.448
4 Billy McCONNELL Honda +1.169
5 Tom WARD Aprilia +1.723
6 Dan LINFOOT Honda +5.015
7 Brayden ELLIOTT Honda +5.385
8 Tim NEAVE Yamaha +7.789
9 Luke HEDGER Suzuki +7.870
10 Richard KERR Honda +11.422
11 Lewis ROLLO Honda +11.531
12 Joe FRANCIS Kawasaki +12.710
13 Ash BEECH Honda +14.014
14 Bjorn ESTMENT Suzuki +18.678
15 Jack NIXON BMW  +20.199
16 Shaun WINFIELD Honda +21.999
17 Joe TALBOT Kawasaki +23.541
18 Conor CUMMINS Honda +24.085
19 Tom OLIVER Aprilia +24.743
20 Craig NEVE BMW +26.400
21 Brent HARRAN Honda +27.618
22 Max STAINTON BMW +31.235
23 TJ TOMS Kawasaki +31.782
24 Ben LUXTON BMW +32.958
25 Rob McNEALY BMW +33.854
26 Matt TRUELOVE Aprilia  +41.258
27 Kade VERWEY BMW +45.068
28 Nathan HARRISON Honda +45.138
29 Jorel BOERBOOM Kawasaki +54.807
30 David BROOK Honda +55.193
31 Sam COX BMW +55.438
32 Max MORGAN Kawasaki +55.629
33 Dave MACKAY Suzuki +1m00.279
34 Zac OULTRAM Suzuki +1m07.523

British Superstock Championship Points

Pos Rider Points
1 Davey TODD (Honda) 216
2 Billy McCONNELL (Honda) 199
3 Alex OLSEN (BMW) 189
4 Brayden ELLIOTT (Honda) 158
5 Richard KERR (Honda) 147
6 Tim NEAVE (Yamaha) 139
7 Tom WARD (Aprilia) 137
8 Charlie NESBITT (Suzuki) 118
9 Lewis ROLLO (Honda) 84
10 David ALLINGHAM (Honda) 69
11 Brent HARRAN (Honda) 67
12 Levi DAY (Suzuki) 56
13 Shaun WINFIELD (Honda) 53
14 Joe FRANCIS (Kawasaki) 50
15 Richard COOPER (Suzuki) 45
16 Jack NIXON (BMW) 45
17 Luke HEDGER (Suzuki) 32
18 Ashley BEECH (Suzuki) 28
19 Joe TALBOT (Kawasaki) 26
20 Joe SHELDON-SHAW (Suzuki) 22
21 Kade VERWEY (BMW) 12
22 TJ TOMS (Kawasaki) 12
23 Bjorn ESTMENT (Suzuki) 11
25 Dan LINFOOT (Honda) 10
26 Matt TRUELOVE (Aprilia) 7
27 Tom OLIVER (Suzuki) 6
28 Conor CUMMINS (Honda) 5
29 Matthew PAULO (BMW) 3
30 Ben LUXTON (BMW) 2
31 Mark CHIODO (Yamaha) 1

British Supersport Race One / Sprint

Bradley Perie took the Sprint race win by 3.423secs over team-mate Harry Truelove as newly re-crowned champ Jack Kennedy crashed out from the lead on the last lap.

Bradley Perie leading

Mar-Train Racing’s Kennedy had looked on course for yet another win until his crash, and instead it was the Appleyard

Macadam team-mates who took the top two spots as Lee Johnston was third. Jamie Perrin finished fourth with Scott Swann fifth.

Kiwis Damon Rees and Shane Richardson finished P6 and P9 respectively.

The GP2 battle took a different turn as Jack Scott – who had been challenging for the lead early on – crashed out several laps in and the class win went to Harvey Claridge.

Jake Archer was the second GP2 rider home, just ahead of Jake Archer.

2022 BSB Oulton Park Supersport Race One Results
1. Bradley Perie (Appleyard Macadam Racing)
2. Harry Truelove (Appleyard Macadam Racing) +3.423s
3. Lee Johnston (Ashcourt Racing) +6.606s

British Supersport Race One/Sprint Results

Pos CL Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 SSP Bradley PERIE Yamaha 19m44.642
2 SSP Harry TRUELOVE Yamaha +3.423
3 SSP Lee JOHNSTON Yamaha +6.606
4 SSP Jamie PERRIN Yamaha +8.230
5 SSP Scott SWANN Kawasaki +16.991
6 SSP Damon REES Yamaha +17.255
7 SSP Rhys IRWIN Triumph +17.468
8 SSP Jamie van SIKKELERUS Yamaha +17.873
9 SSP Shane RICHARDSON Triumph +22.462
10 SSP Eugene McMANUS Kawasaki +23.676
11 GP2 Harvey CLARIDGE Chassis Factory +25.982
12 SSP Max WADSWORTH Yamaha +26.308
13 GP2 Jake ARCHER FTR +37.540
14 GP2 Cameron FRASER Chassis Factory +37.828
15 SSP Caolán IRWIN Yamaha +39.263
16 SSP Ash BARNES Yamaha +39.442
17 SSP Phil WAKEFIELD Yamaha +43.118
18 SSP Max INGHAM Kawasaki +43.548
19 GP2 Harry ROWLINGS BER Evo +43.749
20 GP2 Joe COLLIER Kramer +58.281
21 GP2 Lukas WIMMER Kramer +1m09.570
22 SSP Paul JORDAN Yamaha +1m11.769
23 SSP Ben GRAYSON Kawasaki +1m22.732
24 GP2 Jodie FIELDHOUSE Ariane +1 Lap
25 SSP David JONES Ducati +2 Laps
Not Classified
DNF SSP Jack KENNEDY Yamaha 1 Lap
DNF SSP Luke STAPLEFORD Kawasaki 4 Laps
DNF GP2 Jack SCOTT One – Kovara 6 Laps
DNF SSP Luke JONES Ducati 10 Laps

British Supersport Championship Points

Pos Rider Points
1 Jack KENNEDY (Yamaha) 385
2 Bradley PERIE (Yamaha) 259
3 Harry TRUELOVE (Yamaha) 232
4 Luke STAPLEFORD (Kawasaki) 185
5 Lee JOHNSTON (Yamaha) 172
6 Jamie van SIKKELERUS (Yamaha) 152
7 Eugene McMANUS (Kawasaki) 118
8 Luke JONES (Ducati) 109
9 Damon REES (Yamaha) 103
10 Rhys IRWIN (Triumph) 103
11 Jamie PERRIN (Kawasaki) 95
12 Ash BARNES (Yamaha) 60
13 Max INGHAM (Kawasaki) 49
14 Caolán IRWIN (Yamaha) 43
15 Sam MUNRO (Yamaha) 37
16 Phil WAKEFIELD (Yamaha) 36
17 Scott SWANN (Kawasaki) 35
18 Mason LAW (Triumph) 34
19 Josh DAY (Triumph) 26
20 Tom TOPARIS (Triumph) 25
21 Zak CORDEROY (Kawasaki) 24
22 Eunan McGLINCHEY (Kawasaki) 19
23 Max WADSWORTH (Yamaha) 16
24 Josh WOOD (Yamaha) 13
25 Ian HUTCHINSON (Yamaha) 9
26 Shane RICHARDSON (Triumph) 7
27 Tommy FIELDING (Yamaha) 7
28 Paul JORDAN (Yamaha) 7
29 Ben TOLLIDAY (Yamaha) 6
30 Stephen THOMAS (Triumph) 3
31 Alan NAYLOR (Yamaha) 2
32 David JONES (Ducati) 2
33 Caiden WILKINSON (Kawasaki) 2
34 Peter WRIGHT (Yamaha) 1

GP2 Championship Points

Pos Rider Points
1 Jack SCOTT (One) 320
2 Harvey CLARIDGE (Chassis Factory) 257
3 Cameron FRASER (Chassis Factory) 248
4 Jake ARCHER (FTR) 210
5 Harry ROWLINGS (BER Evo) 169
6 Tomás de VRIES (Chassis Factory) 141
7 Barry BURRELL (Kramer) 119
8 Korie McGREEVY (Chassis Factory) 110
9 Jodie FIELDHOUSE (Ariane) 63
10 Carl STEVENS (Chassis Factory) 27
11 Lukas WIMMER (Kramer) 21
12 Charlie MORRIS (Ariane) 18
13 Joe COLLIER (Kramer) 11

British  Junior Superstock Race One

Max Cook moved a step closer to the title as he beat Franco Bourne to the win in the opening race.

Despite dropping back to second behind Bourne at the start, the polesitter was back in front by the end of lap two and was never challenged again as he powered to the win.

Seth Crump took third

Third was Seth Crump, ahead of Dan Brooks as Aaron Silvester took fifth.

BSB 2022 Oulton Park Junior Superstock Race One Results
1. Max Cook (Uggly & Co by Binch Pro)
2. Franco Bourne (Marvel HCL Motorsport) +0.874s
3. Seth Crump (Seeeeeth) +5.655s

British Junior Superstock One Race Results

Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Max COOK Yamaha  18m30.829
2 Franco BOURNE Kawasaki +0.874
3 Seth CRUMP Yamaha +5.665
4 Dan BROOKS Kawasaki +5.756
5 Aaron SILVESTER Yamaha +5.941
6 Owen JENNER Yamaha +7.185
7 Kier ARMSTRONG Kawasaki +15.044
8 Callum BEY Yamaha +15.115
9 Cameron HALL Kawasaki +17.298
10 Cameron DAWSON Kawasaki  +19.607
11 Zak FULLER Kawasaki +19.699
12 Lewis JONES Kawasaki +20.038
13 Jack BEDNAREK Yamaha  +20.946
14 Declan CONNELL Kawasaki +21.562
15 Edmund BEST Yamaha +22.800
16 Taylor ROSE Kawasaki +26.558
17 Asher DURHAM Kawasaki +27.059
18 Zak SHELTON Kawasaki 28.821
19 Jamie LYONS Yamaha  +29.026
20 Harry FOWLE Kawasaki +33.755
21 Joe FARRAGHER Kawasaki +37.273
22 Kam DIXON Kawasaki +37.358
23 Lynden LEATHERLAND Yamaha +38.377
24 Chloe JONES Yamaha +38.619
25 Ross BANHAM Kawasaki +43.454
26 Cameron BROWN Kawasaki +1m12.547
27 Kai DICKINSON Kawasaki +1m24.625
28 Alessio GUARNIERI Honda  +1m30.792
Not Classified
DNF Jacob HATCH Kawasaki 1 Lap
DNF Jake CAMPBELL Kawasaki 2 Laps
DNF Jake HOPPER Yamaha 3 Laps
DNF Benjamin WAKENSHAW Yamaha 6 Laps
DNF Sam LAFFINS Kawasaki 9 Laps
DNF Max SILVESTER Yamaha 10 Laps

British Junior Superstock Championship Standings

Pos Rider Points
1 Max COOK (Yamaha) 215
2 Dan BROOKS (Kawasaki) 140
3 Franco BOURNE (Kawasaki) 129
4 Louis VALLELEY (Yamaha) 122
5 Aaron SILVESTER (Yamaha) 122
6 Seth CRUMP (Yamaha) 111
7 Asher DURHAM (Kawasaki) 86
8 Sam LAFFINS (Kawasaki) 79
9 Owen JENNER (Yamaha) 64
10 Zak FULLER (Kawasaki) 54
11 Jack BEDNAREK (Yamaha) 45
12 Cameron DAWSON (Kawasaki) 44
13 Lewis JONES (Kawasaki) 43
14 Edmund BEST (Kawasaki) 40
15 Cameron HALL (Kawasaki) 40
16 Kier ARMSTRONG (Kawasaki) 35
17 Jacob HATCH (Kawasaki) 26
18 Finley ARSCOTT (Kawasaki) 23
19 James ALDERSON (Triumph) 21
20 Kevin KEYES (Kawasaki) 18
21 Zak SHELTON (Kawasaki) 17
22 Callum BEY (Yamaha) 17
23 Kam DIXON (Kawasaki) 13
24 Taylor ROSE (Kawasaki) 11
25 Declan CONNELL (Kawasaki) 11
26 Harry FOWLE (Kawasaki) 10
27 Osian JONES (Kawasaki) 2
28 Lynden LEATHERLAND (Yamaha) 1
29 Jamie LYONS (Yamaha) 1

British Junior Supersport Race One Results

Pos Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 Charlie ATKINS Kawasaki  17m05.191
2 Kieran KENT Kawasaki +0.086
3 Mikey HARDIE Kawasaki +0.614
4 Joe ELLIS Kawasaki +1.733
5 Jack ROACH Kawasaki +1.950
6 Lewis JONES Kawasaki +2.046
7 Christian SMITH Kawasaki +5.127
8 Calum BEACH Kawasaki +6.140
9 Harry COOK Yamaha +6.236
10 Finn SMART-WEEDEN Kawasaki +6.311
11 Jack SMITH Kawasaki +6.599
12 Jack KIRSCH Kawasaki +13.967
13 Keo WALKER Kawasaki +14.063
14 Lennon DOCHERTY Kawasaki +16.371
15 Charlotte MARCUZZO Kawasaki +16.489
16 Abbz THOMAS Kawasaki +17.770
17 Jamie HANKS-ELLIOTT Kawasaki +20.277
18 Jacob STEPHENSON Yamaha +26.429
19 Oliver MORGAN-EDWARDS Kawasaki +26.869
20 Fred McMULLAN Yamaha +29.089
21 Denise DAL ZOTTO Kawasaki +31.159
22 Katie HAND Yamaha +32.201
23 Jack KNIGHTS Kawasaki +34.316
24 Aaron LILLY Kawasaki +54.574
25 Charlie BARNES Kawasaki +54.614
26 Lissy WHITMORE Yamaha +54.789
27 Freddy OAKLEY Yamaha +54.892
28 Scarlett ROBINSON Kawasaki +55.178
Not Classified
DNF Kieran SMITH Kawasaki 4 Laps
DNF James McMANUS Kawasaki DNF
DNF Chris MOFFITT Kawasaki DNF

British Junior Supersport Championship Points

Pos Rider Points
1 Charlie ATKINS (Kawasaki) 187
2 Kieran KENT (Kawasaki) 175
3 James McMANUS (Kawasaki) 170
4 Mikey HARDIE (Kawasaki) 144
5 Jack ROACH (Kawasaki) 89
6 Harry COOK (Yamaha) 84
7 Lewis JONES (Kawasaki) 83
8 Jack KIRSCH (Kawasaki) 73
9 Joe ELLIS (Kawasaki) 70
10 Christian SMITH (Kawasaki) 63
11 Abbz THOMAS (Kawasaki) 57
12 Chris MOFFITT (Kawasaki) 54
13 Kieran SMITH (Kawasaki) 51
14 Calum BEACH (Kawasaki) 50
15 Finn SMART-WEEDEN (Kawasaki) 49
16 Cameron BROWN (Kawasaki) 26
17 Charlotte MARCUZZO (Kawasaki) 26
18 Lennon DOCHERTY (Kawasaki) 14
19 Jack SMITH (Kawasaki) 14
20 Fred McMULLAN (Kawasaki) 13
21 Luuk de RUITER (Yamaha) 12
22 Keo WALKER (Kawasaki) 8
23 Denise DAL ZOTTO (Kawasaki) 7
24 Lewis SMART (Kawasaki) 6
25 Jacob STEPHENSON (Yamaha) 4
26 Jamie HANKS-ELLIOTT (Kawasaki) 4
27 Lewis LAKEY (Kawasaki) 3
28 Darragh O’MAHONY (Yamaha) 1
29 Katie HAND (Yamaha) 1
30 Oliver MORGAN-EDWARDS (Kawasaki) 1
31 Aaron MONK (Kawasaki) 1

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