Ticketmaster’s 3D Virtual Venue offers a view of the future

Since opening its doors in April 2019, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s state-of-the-art design and state-of-the-art facilities have established its reputation as one of the most celebrated venues in the sporting world.

Earlier this year, however, it became the first English Premier League football stadium to integrate Ticketmaster’s 3D Virtual Venue technology, giving fans a unique life-like view of their seats when considering buying tickets.

With a large number of first-time attendees watching the various sports and entertainment spectacles in the UK, Europe and beyond over the past three-and-a-half years, the North London venue was the perfect launchpad. solutions in a highly competitive market.

However, it reached the Premier League on the back of an impressive track record.

Indeed, when Tottenham first offered for 3D virtual venues in the top tier of English football, more than 300 teams and venues around the world have integrated the solution since it was home to Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees nearly 13 years ago. Launched at Yankee Stadium.

“The 3D Virtual Venue was designed to allow fans to ‘try before they buy,’” says Steve Corian, executive vice president of IOMEDIA, partner at Ticketmaster, the digital agency that created the solution. “The 3D view from each seat enables the ticket buyer to make a more informed purchase decision as they have the chance to experience the visuals of the seat.

“The goal of the Yankees was to use technology to help their longtime fans imagine what their new stadium was going to look like. Virtual Venues gave the team access to sponsors, corporate partners, and fans before construction was completed. Introduced a unique way of introducing the new stadium.

track record

In recent years where various seat-view technologies have emerged in sports and entertainment, Ticketmaster believes Virtual Venue to be the best in-house due to its ticketing system integration, pre-eminent technology and proven returns for its customers. Provides seats.

“The service has been met with tremendous enthusiasm from both the clubs and teams that use the technology and their fans,” says Corian. “The use of virtual venues has helped increase consumer confidence for ticket buyers when purchasing tickets, with some teams increasing their active user base by nearly 40%.”

With busy stadiums like Tottenham the service is equally priced across all venues. The stadium hosts 19 Premier League games and additional cup matches each season and will welcome two NFL games in October as well as two top-level rugby union matches in the coming months. After hosting Guns N’ Roses as its first major concert in the summer, the virtual venue will also help attract music fans to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for years to come.

“Virtual Venue works well across all categories and segments and is integrated into the purchase flow, so it does not slow down the system or the buyer. In fact, it builds ticket buyer confidence because the consumer knows what they are going to get with their purchase,” says Corian.

virtual experience

Fans at Tottenham, Yankee Stadium and elsewhere are able to digitally preview 360-degree views and sightlines, compare sections and check day-to-day outlook in real time while selecting their seats.

With 3D-quality visuals and sheer accuracy, fans have the opportunity to explore different parts of the stadium via their mobile or desktop, including the premium arena, to choose the right seat for themselves.

“Virtual Venue is the industry’s only architecturally accurate 3D seat map linked to ticketing and provides the most realistic 360-degree seat views available,” says Corian. “Every level of detail is captured with precision – from the cupholders to the leather back seats. We work closely with architects and designers to ensure that every seat view is recreated with impeccable design. be made from.”

While the service allows potential general admission visitors to make more informed purchases, the service is particularly useful for sales teams securing those all-important VIP and corporate clients.

BT Murfield Stadium in Scotland

“Virtual venues are a great tool to showcase a venue’s premium seating product and hospitality areas,” says Corian. “360-degree views help potential buyers visualize their premium experience, including dining and entertainment, and enable sales teams to show and visit these locations without requiring the customer to visit. Additionally “Teams using virtual venues now run their annual re-seating events and upgrade online.”

Excited by the benefits Ticketmaster brings to customer service, Ian Murphy, Tottenham’s Head of Tickets and Memberships, described it as an innovation that “can take our fan experience to the next level.”

Marking its launch earlier this year, he said: “With such a wide range of seating options in our stadium, including licensed safe standings and premium fields, this state-of-the-art technology enables fans to enhance their match experience. will provide the best possible insights about what it would be like before they were selected.”


Ticketmaster is keen to ensure that its solutions can be easily and efficiently integrated, providing new opportunities for its venues and clubs that have previously been required to engage audiences in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. You have to work harder than that.

With this in mind, any Ticketmaster client can upgrade their service to include virtual venues, meaning they can tap into a tried-and-tested service that offers a fresh approach.

“Convenience is part of our suite of premium products and can be customized to each customer’s needs,” says Corian. “We are seeing widespread adoption of virtual venues across the world. We look forward to welcoming further Virtual Venue releases and hope fans continue to enjoy views from venues around the world of sports and music.”

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