Top 10 Raksha Bandhan Shayari in Hindi | Birthday Wishes 2022

Today we have come for you 10 Best Rakshak Shayari (Raksha Bandhan Shayari) which you will like.

raksha bandhan shayari in hindi

Good luck with brothers,
Sister’s love to flow,
To be happy always,
Happy Riddhi Rahi’s holy festival.

sandalwood thread coil
For the fragrance of Savannah
brother’s hope sisterly love,
Happy Rakshabandhan festival.

Sister ka apa de never se,
He is far away, even then there is no sorrow.
Diseases are diseases faded by distance,
But brother’s love never lasts.

Rahi is a dangerous thread with threads,
sweets to match,
The condition of brother’s illness is Rakhi,
Sister’s holy smoke is Rahi.

This son of births,
Of love and trust…
There can be more matches, these relations,
When you have to sit, then of the love of Rakshabandhan.

Sawan’s rims are spraying,
It is the festival of Raksha Bandhan,
Siblings have a quarrel like a sister’s sister,
It is a festival of love and happiness.

Let the happiness strike on the brother,
So lifelong just love and affection!
Bring it brother,
But walking is a nuisance!

Happy he is happy..
Time and again brother’s case,
With all the trouble..
Managing the fight again..
This quality is great!

My hair is also dandy
My daughter has spoiled from my pocket.

Or Lord among my brothers the most officer,
Forever my sister’s home.

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