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Hey there, in this article, we have given you a list Top 5 Flying Sports for 2022, Choose the best one to download, and let’s get started.


Flights are certainly one of the most popular and useful inventions of mankind. It is the only efficient tool used by people to transport people across oceans from one city or one country to another. It will always be surprising to know how these flights are operated, how airports are maintained, how the air transport system works, etc. We all must have experienced the loss of our luggage at airports or an accident at customs checks. Wouldn’t it be fun to be on the other end of things? We certainly may not be employed in the air business but what can we do, download these flying games to play and experience them. We have handpicked some flight simulators and airport management games for you to download and enjoy.

#1 City Pilot Flight: Plane Games

City Pilot Flight: Plane Games is a Flight Simulator game developed and published by The Knights Pvt. Ltd. The game hosts both flight and helicopter for players to play in a multiplayer setup. Here, you have the opportunity to master the game and become a pro pilot. The game boasts of a realistic flight simulator experience that can be played offline. It also gives you an in-flight game experience where you can experience real-time 3D graphics from inside the flight, especially in the cockpit. There are different missions for you to play and it has graphics with realistic weather conditions. There is also a tutorial method to teach you how to pilot flights.

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City Pilot Flight: Plane Games

#2 Airports World

World of Airports is a Strategy-based airport management game developed and published by Hag Land. Here players will get a chance to manage some of the busiest airports in the world. In addition, they can also own an airline company in their own name and manage their flights at the airport. Not only that, you will also manage the flights of other players playing this game. Basically, players need to manage air traffic controls for landing and take off. After that they have to help levy the tax and park the plane. Once done, they can begin the handling process by unloading passengers and their baggage, refueling, cleaning and boarding new passengers and baggage. You can also land flights that are near you.

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List of Mobile Flying Games
world of airports

#3 Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D AX is a creation of Gamesoft. Here players can fly passenger and military aircraft. This is a 3D airplane simulator game. It has aircraft such as VTOL aircraft XV40 and PV40, Airbus A400M Atlas Tactical Airlifter, and ATR42/ATR72 regional flights. In Military Line, players can operate spec ops, coastguard and cargo aircraft. Training sessions are available to teach you piloting, take off, landing and taxiing. A solid plus is that the game doesn’t have mandatory ads, you can watch it only when you need it for rewards. The game also includes nice 3D graphics with some realistic engines and flying sounds.

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Top flight and plane games for iOS and Android
Turbo Flight Simulator 3D

#4 Airline Commander: Flight Game

This is yet another airline management cum simulator game and it is from the house of RORTOS. Here, players can train to obtain a pilot’s license and set up their own airlines and pilot it by unlocking various in-game routes. It provides a realistic simulation experience with real-time traffic both in flight and on the ground. It has realistic airport locations with HD satellite images, worldwide maps and navigation. It also provides you with experience in handling and repairing problems within aircraft. You can also customize your plane with different levers. It also has SID/STAR take-off and landing procedures.

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List of Best Mobile Flying/Plane Games 2022
Airline Commander: Flight Game

#5 Flight Sim 2018

Flight Sim 2018 Simulator game is the creation of King Ovidiu Pop. Even though it is a 2018 game, it is very relevant so far and has some amazing features to show off. For starters, it comes with amazing 3D graphics which even the latest games fail to offer. It has real time day-night view with realistic weather conditions. It has a global open world map that lets you choose the mission that you like. There is real flying cockpit for you to operate with realistic flight controls like tilt steering, buttons and levers. In-flight radio communication and flight sounds really serve the purpose.

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Best Flying Games List for Android
flight sim 2018

That’s all it goes to the top 5 best flying games for mobile in 2022. Get these games here Google Play And app Store Links provided by us. browse through our mobile gaming hub Website for more insightful gaming content, thanks!

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