Top 7 Places To Promote Your Blog Post 2022

Top 7 Places To Promote Your Blog Post 2022 – There are almost 4.5 billion internet users worldwide. Getting blog readers is all about getting your material in front of the right people at the appropriate time and place.

So, how do you go about doing that? To begin, you’ll need to vary your blog marketing approach so that you may receive visitors from a variety of sources.

Still, when you’re stuck, these platforms might be the key to unlocking the development of your site.

Here are seven platforms to explore for blog marketing.

#1 – Quora

Quora is a more sophisticated version of the popular Yahoo Answers service. People ask inquiries here and receive responses from people who are more educated about the subject.

When it comes to answering this kind of queries, promoting your content comes into play. Extremely well-thought-out responses that incorporate a great deal of information might be highly popular. If you include a link to a relevant piece of content in your response, it transforms into an effective advertising strategy.

In addition, some replies will be published in Quora Digest emails, which will be viewed by thousands of other people.

#2 – Pinterest

As we all know, social media is one of the most effective tools for promoting your blog’s articles. Pinterest is a great location to start your search.

You may use Pinterest to promote your blogs, build a community, and attract new people to your website, among other things. The fact that visitors may be able to click over to live links makes it an excellent spot for your weblog.

By including hashtags and keywords into your content, you may increase its discoverability. After that, you may connect with other accounts on the internet in order to expand your fan base.

#3 – Medium

With time, Medium has developed into a powerful network of authors and readers from a diverse variety of industries. In the same way that every social networking site has its own curation algorithm, Medium has one that is based on a variety of variables, including whether the reader follows the author, whether the reader follows the publication that contains the story, and whether or not the reader follows one of the story’s tags, among others.

  • Using a publication or having a business to sponsor you can help you increase your organic distribution. Individual blogs, on the other hand, receive a quality bump.
  • Because people like reading on Medium, consider publishing the entire blog on Medium. That way, there will be greater participation.

#4 – Facebook

Not everyone is aware that utilizing Facebook Groups to communicate with people is one of the most effective techniques available. In actuality, 1.4 billion people participate in Facebook Groups, which number more than 10 million in number.

Set up a Facebook Group for your committed group of people and for your followers. You are welcome to promote and debate recent blog articles in your community as long as they are not offensive. If you don’t have a Facebook Group of your own, you may join one of the many specialty groups available. In these kinds of forums, you may promote your blogs.

#5 – Flipboard

Flipboard is another tool for staying on top of your favorite blogs and websites. These blogs may, however, also be used to create a topic-based magazine, which may encourage people to subscribe to your site. Choose a name for your magazine that effectively conveys the aim of the publication.

You can now add your own blog articles in your magazine – and use Flipboard to drive traffic back to your site from the magazine.

#6 – Reddit

Reddit, the internet’s welcome mat, is a tremendously successful social news aggregation network that attracts millions of users every day. However, it continues to evade marketers since it takes time to establish a reputation on the network before you can fully realize its potential. If you do not put in the necessary effort, you will be (shadow) banned. Often in ways that you aren’t aware of.

#7 – YouTube


Promoting blog articles may require repurposing material for the chosen blog sharing service.

For example, you can turn written blog entries into YouTube videos. Repurposing content across platforms increases traffic and brand exposure.

Every day, 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube. And they’re not simply viewed; they’re eaten. According to Omnicore, the typical YouTube session is now 40 minutes, up 50% from last year.


Blog promotion sites may help you enhance your backlink chances, create traffic and improve your organic ranks, as well as raise your authority and reach a larger audience.

So, instead of sitting back and hoping for the best, get out there and promote your little heart out. Your blog will be grateful to you for it.

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