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Former President Donald Trump Claims He Can Make Top Secret Documents Public Only ‘Thinking About It’

Donald Trump took the stage on Friday for his latest campaign-style rally of 2022, this time in Wilmington, North Carolina.

In the speech, he rebuked New York Attorney General Letitia James, who had filed a $250m lawsuit against Mr Trump and his company for allegedly fraudulent business practices. He also hit back at Joe Biden for comparing the MAGA movement with domestic extremism.

Before the rally, Mr Trump appeared to plunge further into the world of QAnon, when he reposted a video on his own Truth social network containing images and slogans linked to the Fringe conspiracy.

Visuals including a US Capitol building with a lightning bolt and the words “this is going to be the Bible” as well as the phrase “ready to storm” were among the images depicted with “Q” symbols. Mr Trump has previously denied knowledge of the conspiracy, despite many of his supporters and Capitol rioters being linked to it.

In other news, Mr Trump’s lawyers have been ordered to say one way or another whether they really believe the FBI has planted incriminating evidence in documents seized from Mr Trump’s home – or whether the former president Just pretending to save face.


Donald Trump mistakenly described political allies as ugly

Donald Trump is a famous image-conscious fellow, and his rally in North Carolina on Friday was proof.

At the end of his speech, when he supported various North Carolina candidates, he joked that he didn’t like supporting good-looking politicians.

“Usually I don’t like supporting pretty people, but I don’t have a choice,” he said of Bo Hines, a former college football player running for the House of Representatives.


Trump References Keller Ellingson’s Assassination in North Carolina Speech

Donald Trump’s speech in North Carolina briefly mentioned Keller Ellingson, a North Dakota teen who was killed during a political argument in September.

Here’s our report courtesy of What Happened Shweta Sharma,


Trump says he is ‘not a terrorist’ before warning of ‘great anger’ in US over criminal investigation

Former President Donald Trump scoffed at suggestions that he and his supporters were dangerous at his most recent political rally in North Carolina on Friday, responding to President Biden’s recent pro-democracy speech in which he criticized the MAGA movement at its peak.

Mr Trump, who is the subject of multiple criminal investigations in Washington DC and Georgia, accused the Biden administration of using FBI resources to “fight crime and use them for partisan political investigations” in hopes of “mislabeling”.[ing]His “Make America Great Again” movement.

“They want to call us domestic terrorists,” Trump told the crowd. “Can you believe this? I’m not a terrorist”.

Continuing, Mr Trump said that due to multiple investigations into his conduct and the conduct of his supporters, as well as ongoing FBI efforts to bring to justice anyone who broke the law during January 6, 2021, there is now a “very large number” in the US. Angry”. Riots broke out.

Andrew Feinberg Full story.


Donald Trump told the crowd, ‘America is no longer great’

In classic fashion, Donald Trump is touting at this rally amid heightened claims about his perfect record in the White House and predictions of America dying.

“For some reason, it’s not very good now,” Trump said of the US during his rally in North Carolina on Friday.


Donald Trump reiterates false claims that the death penalty for dealers will stop drug crimes

Donald Trump continues to call for the death penalty for drug dealers, backing his proposal with false claims that such a policy would dramatically reduce crime.

“If you impose the death penalty for drug dealers, you will cut crime in this country by more than 80 percent,” Trump told a North Carolina crowd on Friday.

as alex woodward And Josh Marcus informed for independentNot only is this not true, but it goes against Mr. Trump’s own previous bills on criminal justice.


Trump starts rally with crude insults after filing suit against New York attorney general

Former President Donald Trump was not 10 minutes into his remarks at a rally to promote Republican candidates in North Carolina, when he turned his attention to a candidate who would appear on a ballot 437 miles away in the state he called Once called home.

Instead of praising the merits of the GOP ticket in this year’s midterm elections, the two-time impeached former president launched an extended scathing attack about the New York state attorney general, who on Wednesday accused him, his three eldest children, and his Filed a $250m lawsuit against After a three-year civil investigation into fraud charges, several companies, organizations and real estate and licensing businesses in their names have been attached.

“There is no better example of the Left’s chilling passion for targeting political opponents than the baseless, outrageous and corrupt lawsuit against me, my family, my company by the racist Attorney General of New York State. Leticia ‘Peekaboo’ James, said Mr Trump, who had a bizarre and previously ambiguous nickname for the Empire State’s chief law enforcement officer.

Reading Andrew Feinbergfull report.


Donald Trump says he is not a ‘terrorist’ in oblique response to Biden speech

Donald Trump took a beating at Joe Biden as of late during his speech Friday in North Carolina.

“They want to call us domestic terrorists,” Trump told the crowd. “Can you believe this? I’m not a terrorist.”

The remarks were an apparent response to Mr Biden’s high-profile speech earlier this month, where he described the Make America Great Again movement as extremism.

“What is happening in our country today is not normal,” Mr Biden said in a speech in Philadelphia, adding that the man he defeated nearly two years ago – former President Donald Trump – and his ” The MAGA Republican “Allies” represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our republic.

Mr Biden insisted that “not every Republican” subscribes to the “extreme ideology” of Mr Trump and his acolytes, but warned that the GOP today is largely “dominated, driven and driven by Mr Trump and “maga Republicans”. frightened”. Trump and his “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.


Donald Trump encourages GOP voting in November, continuing election lies

Donald Trump looks a little different than in previous rallies.

Make no mistake, he is still falsely claiming that he has won the 2020 election.

“I ran twice. I won twice, got several million more votes,” said the crowd in North Carolina.

But he is encouraging GOP voters to vote in November.

Mr Trump said at the rally “you should vote Republican” “in overwhelming numbers”.

“We have to swamp them,” he continued. “The best way we can stop them from cheating—because they’re cheaters, dirty rotten cheaters—is to swamp them.”

Earlier, during the 2020 election, he ranked top Republicans by saying that voters should not be bothered by the tight race in the Georgia Senate, where a pair of Democrats won.


Trump opposes ‘racist’ New York attorney general’s lawsuit

Primarily, Donald Trump is hammering New York Attorney General Letitia James for the massive fraud lawsuit filed this week against the former president and the Trump Organization.

He told the crowd at a Friday rally in North Carolina that the suit of “this crazy fanatic nutjob James” was “racist” and a “horrific and malicious abuse of power.”

Mr Trump complained during his speech, “There has never been a president who has gone through the crap I have gone through.”


Donald Trump takes the stage in North Carolina

The former president takes the stage after a long wait at his Friday rally in Wilmington, North Carolina.

We’ll follow up on all the latest from his campaign-style speech.

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