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I also made a TIKTOK video on my Youtube channel addressing this.

Venus in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces

This aspect repeats every year. What was your imaginary boyfriend, disillusionment about? Cryptocurrencies and other financial losses are associated with this.

Other dates are 14th August 2016, 28th September 2017, 24th July 2018, 4th September 2019, 18th October 2020, 9th August 2021 and onwards 3rd November 2023.

Venus was born from the ocean which is the domain of Neptune. So in many ways, it’s a nice reconnection to Venus, and all our origins are in the oceans, in the salty amniotic fluid of our mother’s womb in the ocean. We need to take action to protect the world’s water supply and all marine life in our oceans.

These two planets symbolize the balancing act of human imperfect love, with the projection of a longtime soul mate, a return to the source, to unity, to a perfect dreamy soul mate lover who is connected telepathically. In general it is reality versus untruth, illusions are two forces that come to a head every year.

In general it is reality versus untruth, illusions are two forces coming to one head.,

What does the real Venus in Virgo want to know?

Venus in Virgo is very grounded, grounded love. He is extremely perfectionistic and critical about himself and everything else. She values ​​everyday mundane, maintenance tasks. Venus in Virgo tells you to love your body as your temple. Venus in Virgo is a practical goddess who is intelligent and beautiful. She always gets the job done. Venus in Virgo needs cleanliness, order, Zen-like peace around it. She is a virgin goddess, complete and complete in herself. Venus nurtures beauty She’s a practical artist who turns cast-offs into something as useful and beautiful as DIY projects. She enjoys creating and painting pottery, metal, stone, or nature scenes. The love of reading and working with natural herbs is what she needed to share with another.

Soul and Soul in Pisces What Neptune asks?

Neptune in Pisces rules the spirit world, dreams and soul mates, and past lives. Everything from the source to the momentary, the creative, the dreamy, the unconscious is the realm of Neptune. Neptune rules Pisces and rules projection, glamour, illusion. Venus in any zodiac sign is a symbol of human love. Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, symbolizes soul love, spiritual unconditional love that asks for nothing in return. This is the highest form of love. Neptune sees no flaws, no human weaknesses. Neptune rules all kinds of delusions, fantasies, addictions, drugs and escapism. Neptune rules all creativity and creative work. It is selfless, and can be martyr, loving the victim “poor me” and it is all their fault role.

The opposite of these two planets gives us a chance to see the horizon line.

real practical love illusion projection fantasy

It is easy to see what is real and what is fantasy and illusion. That doesn’t mean it can be easy because it’s easier to believe in a fantasy, than take the responsibility of seeing and creating a love story for yourself, and it’s a story in itself.

This is the aspect where reality and dreams balance.

reality checks Of love. If it’s real it exists, you know it, you can count on the other person to be devoted to you, to follow you, to support you. If it is not real then it is not. You are projecting your own making-up imagination on that person.

This aspect also pertains to addictions, are you in denial? And your health and body care, and your work.

Your body is ruled by Venus, and in Virgo, this means your health and what you eat. Are you a secret junk food addict? Look at yourself in the mirror and ask, is this how I ideally want to be? It’s also healthy to acknowledge the gap between the illusion and how you really are.

Virgo rules work and career. Plot where you are now and vice versa what your dream job would look like and think about and plan for it. How do you go from practical mundane job to dream job? It helps to see through the fog and mirrors that Neptune always creates.

According to psychologist Carl Jung. This act of balancing any opposition is to balance both the points and come to a winning position.

Celebrities Born With Venus Opposite Neptune

Who else besides Venus Williams? Venus in Gemini, Neptune in Sagittarius

,I have a dream” Martin Luther King Venus in Pisces Neptune in Virgo

the Beatles Spiritual musician George Harrison, Venus in the 29th most karmic degree of Pisces, Neptune in Libra
Musician Prince Venus in Taurus Opposite Neptune in Scorpio, Opposite Neptune in Scorpio Venus in Aries, Opposite Neptune in Libra

Singer and gender bender Boy George, Venus in Taurus Neptune in Taurus

Stevie Wonder, Venus in Aries, Neptune in Libra


Actress Uma Thurman, Venus in Gemini, Neptune in Sagittarius – Explicit
Actress Zendaya Venus in Cancer, NEPTUNE in CAPRICORN

Actor Michael J Fox, Venus in Taurus, Neptune in Scorpio Actor Bryan Cranston, Venus in Aries, Neptune in Scorpio

Actor who plays Superman Henry Cavill, Venus in Gemini, Neptune in Sagittarius

Shirley MacLaine Actress Dancer Spiritual Venus Pisces Neptune in Virgo
Woody Allen’s ex-wife, mother of their child Ronan Farrow, who was once infamously married to Frank Sinatra, actress and idealist Mia Farrow,

Aleister Crowley Creator of the Thoth Tarot, Venus in Libra, Neptune in Taurus

Jackie Chan Venus in Taurus, Neptune in Libra

Yogananda Famous Spiritual Teacher Venus Neptune in Gemini
Conspiracy Theorist David Icke Venus in Aries Neptune in Libra

Artist Paul Klee, Venus in Taurus
Surrealist René Magritte, Venus in Sagittarius Neptune in Gemini

Carlos Castaada author of Embarrassment, Venus in Leo Neptune in Leo

The wife of actress Debra Winger, and children’s author Roald Dahl actress Patricia Neal.

Be gentle and kind with yourself. It can help if you understand that this is an aspect that you have chosen to face from the point of view of your soul. I know many of you are feeling blurry and inability to focus and trying to avoid issues. This is a good time to get objective advice. Please contact me for a Compassionate Authentic reading.

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