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Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The week ahead is cosmically intense. Please try to take time for yourself to relax whenever possible. The Super Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on July 13th, shedding light on areas of our lives that need change. Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus open our eyes to how we can grow on the 13th. Venus in Gemini joins with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on 13th July and Saturn retrograde in Pisces on 14th July. Relationships can be strained, as we are unsure about how to proceed or what to believe. don’t react. Try to clear up the confusion by distracting yourself from creative pursuits. Pay attention to who you meet or hear the news when Mercury joins the nodes of fate on July 14, it will be important to you later. The Sun and Mercury align on July 16, making them “Kazimi” (meaning in the heart of the Sun). Many more revelations are expected then. Venus floats in Cancer on July 17th, adding sentimentality and tenderness to our hearts. The Sun and Mercury retrograde in sync with Neptune, leaving us unable to see the truth on July 17th – which is why we’ll be looking for it the next day. Mercury retrograde collides with Pluto on the 18th (the day before the sign changes), creating intense and emotional communication with others. Mercury enters Leo on July 19, which adds vigor and passion to our words. The Sun and Pluto retrograde oppose each other later in the day, causing major ego hits that will affect us on a soul level.

Witch Tip: Because of all the cosmic energy floating around us, we will all need an energetic cleanse in the middle of the week. Take some time out of your day and try to relax through meditation. You can also take a soothing Epsom salt bath later in the evening to relieve a lot of stress in your life. Light some white candles in your home on Monday (moon day) to transfer the emotional energy and light it up. The most important thing is not to let other people’s negativity overwhelm you. Energy is contagious, which is why it’s important to set a limit when you start to feel like people are burning you out.

Most of the drama in your life is caused by your need to control matters. If you allow yourself to detach from being the puppet master, you will find relationships and situations easier. The best advice is to get rid of the need to manipulate and take charge. keep calm

It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure of the next steps you should take. Use this week to think about how he wants to achieve your goals. With ease, planning, and attentiveness, you will find that your motivations and aspirations are easier than you think. Don’t rush the process.

No matter what haters say or bring to your auric field, you have the ability to brush off their negativity. Another great tip would be to remove yourself from the drama and focus on your needs. Don’t let anyone stand between you and your happiness.

Looking at matters from a broader perspective will give you a different insight into how you can live your best life. This will allow you to see the situations clearly without any hesitation or jerks. You can move forward without anything or anyone standing in your way. you got this!

It is important for you to choose your battles wisely. Instead of thinking in one way, try to understand situations from all angles. Also, don’t invest energy in arguing over petty things. You have more important things to focus on and should tackle – nothing more.

It’s time to start focusing on what makes you happy. Being that you often devote a lot of your time and energy to helping others, you should start to become more selfish. Putting yourself first will make you feel more in control of the direction of your life and will boost your confidence.

Growth happens from within. But, healing old wounds takes a lot of time and care. This week calls on you to embrace your shadow and try to let go of the past sorrows that are currently haunting your heart. Give yourself love and patience as you go through this process.

Take a step back and allow yourself to think things through before confronting others. Take on the role of a detective to find out the nuances and nuances of a situation before reacting. That way you can enjoy the right to know everything in your classroom. And, nothing is more powerful than that.

It is a week of endings and new beginnings. Although things may seem bleak, the big changes that are underway will open you up to amazing possibilities that can change your life in many ways. As long as you are willing to put in the work, matters will develop quickly and easily.

Relationships are on your mind, making it an ideal time to set boundaries with those who cross. Then, everyone can act accordingly without ignoring the boundaries and structure you put in the partnership. Boundaries are a good way to set standards for how you want to be treated.

Lately, you’ve been focusing on subtle matters instead of looking at things from a macro view. Don’t let small emotional setbacks get you stuck. Look at life from a bigger perspective and decide how you want to move forward. The possibilities are limitless if you allow yourself to see them unfold now.

Remember that you have a choice in every situation you are a part of. You don’t need to succumb to the wishes of others. On the contrary, you should base your decisions and boundaries on what defines you and what you are most attached to at the moment.

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